Questlove Interview with Rick Rubin on Broken Record Podcast

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Stumbled across this episode of the Broken Record Podcast yesterday with Rick Rubin and Questlove from the Roots. It’s never going to be a dull conversation when Rick Rubin is involved, especially with an artist like Questlove. There are some real gems on here and it is definitely worth the full listen through. A moment that particularly stood out to me was Rick and Quest talking about D’Angelo’s incredible record “Voodoo”.

Both Rick and Questlove have a mutual passion for the record, with Rick defining the album as “perfect”. Questlove has a long standing relationship with D’Angelo and it’s really interesting to see how that relationship developed. There is a small snippet from the interview below where Rick and Queslove talk on Voodoo specifically. 

After listening through I went digging in the crates a bit and found a short documentary that was put together whilst D’Angelo was making the record. A little way through the doc. you can actually see a young Rick Rubin and Comedian Chris Rock in the studio with D’Angelo, clearly blown away by what they are listening too. You can really get a feel for what headspace D’Angelo was in when making the record and what he wanted to achieve with it.

Check out the podcast in full above and make sure you watch the documentary too. Let us know what you think down in the comments. Cant believe we had to wait 14 years for another project from him.


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