No Jumper interview UK Youtuber Traplore Ross during Qurantine

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YouTuber Traplore Ross got together with hosts Adam 22 and LilHousePhone of No Jumper for a special Quarantine Interview. The trio discuss the come up of the Traplore, how he got into YouTube and about his more recent success on the platform.

Traplore Ross provides his own unique British perspective on some of Hip-Hop’s wildest stories. Providing detailed accounts on topics like Tekashi 6Nine and why everyone hates Russ and the perhaps more forgotten tales of Hip-Hop like when Jay-Z allegedly stabbed a guy. 

Adam 22 and LilHousePhone are clearly big fans of Ross and it’s interesting to learn that so much of his viewership seems to be coming from overseas. We are personally big fans of the channel so you should definitely go check it out if you haven’t already. 

Watch the interview in full above and click here to see more videos from the Traplore’s channel. We will post a few more on the site as they come out too. Let us know what you think down in the comments, what is your favourite video you have seen so far? Click here to follow the Traplore on Instagram. 

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