Luke Fracher of Round Two dropping “Mooky” Collaboration with Swedish Brand Stayhard

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Luke Fracher of Round Two has put together a collection with Swedish brand Stayhard that will be releasing in store at their Stockholm location as well as Online this May 14th.

In the video above Luke discusses his influences going into the project, explaining he wanted to create a collection that matched what he would want to include within his own wardrobe.

Luke explains that the High Tops Sneakers came together through referencing an old bootleg pair of 1980 Jordan 1’s that went into heavy circulation during the initial breakthrough of Micheal Jordan’s career. The logo featured on the Hooded Sweatshirt and Roll Beanies are a play on an old New Balance logo and the printed jeans play homage to Luke’s Dog Mercedes.

Really like the printed jeans in this collection, reminds me of the classic “Running Dog” logo Billionaire Boy’s Club use across the front of their denim sometimes. Feeling the suede edition of the High Top Sneakers and “Mooky” Hooded sweat too – real nice flip on the old New Balance logo for the “Mooky” design too.

What do you make of the collection? Will you be trying to cop? Check out the collection in full below and let us know what you thought down in the comments. I don’t think this collection will ship outside of Sweden because you cant currently pick a country on the delivery page so you might have to find a proxy for this one. I’m sure the U.S will see a release of this collection too in time, stay tuned for more information.


Mooky-Stayhard-Collaboration-Preview 2

Mooky-Stayhard-Collaboration-Preview 3

Mooky-Stayhard-Collaboration-Preview 4

Mooky-Stayhard-Collaboration-Preview 5

Mooky-Stayhard-Collaboration-Preview 6 (Luke Fracher)

Mooky-Stayhard-Collaboration-Preview 7 (Luke Fracher)

Mooky-Stayhard-Collaboration-Preview 8

Mooky-Stayhard-Collaboration-Preview 9 Luke Fracher

Mooky-Stayhard-Collaboration-Preview 10 (Luke Fracher)

Mooky-Stayhard-Collaboration-Preview 11 (Luke Fracher)

Mooky-Stayhard-Collaboration-Preview 12


Mooky-Stayhard-Collaboration-Preview 14 (Luke Fracher)Mooky-Stayhard-Collaboration-Preview 15Mooky-Stayhard-Collaboration-Preview 16

Mooky-Stayhard-Collaboration-Preview 17 (Luke Fracher)

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