How You Can Support Small Businesses During a Recession

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6 Ways to Support Small Businesses Cover (London Vintage Clothing Post)

We think everyone can agree that 2020 has been a kicker of a year, with a lot of uncertainty about the future. Sadly people are losing their jobs all over the U.K and around the World as a result of COVID19 which has presented new challenges for businesses both big and small without warning. Within our community we feel like it has become more important than ever to stick together and to try and do what we can to help out.

With that in mind we recently saw a really great post on the London Vintage Clothing Instagram page suggesting 6 ways you can support small businesses during these difficult times. We thought we would re-share the list here and elaborate a bit further on each point, you can see the original post from London Vintage Clothing and our full list of what we came up with down below:

 1. Write a Positive Review – Feedback is super important to Small Businesses and Independent Sellers. It’s a great way to show consumers that a business can be trusted and that a quality product or service is provided that others can feel confident to use themselves. When purchasing through platforms like Depop or Etsy for example the process of leaving reviews is really simple but is often left out by both parties. It takes no time at all to leave a review through these sorts of platforms and can really help boost the reputation of sellers so try and start doing this more if you forget. Facebook has a really great feature to leave reviews and feedback on also if this has been set up, even a simple DM through Instagram or a small to say you appreciate your items or purchasing experience can go a long way.  

2. Tell Your Friends and Family – If you are happy with what you have bought or the service you received then tell people about it! Exposure through word of mouth is one of the most cost effective way’s for a Small Business or Independent Seller to grow. Speaking from experience we know just how much time and effort can go in to creating the best consumer experience possible for people. It is important to consider the time it takes to source, prepare and organise orders before they reach you. It’s even easier than leaving a review just to simply tell someone about your experience and it might just encourage someone else to take a look so don’t be shy.

3. Follow them on Social Media – Jesus Christ people it is 2020, stop acting like the real estate in your Follow list is only reserved for the elite. If a page has good content or stocks products you like or are into then why not give the page a follow? Number’s aren’t everything to everyone but whether we like it or not as sellers and small businesses it is a vital tool to help attract new consumers or keep your current following engaged. It really isn’t that big of a deal to just dish out a like on Facebook or a follow through other platforms. If it really is so difficult then we recommend unfollowing 3 pages that do not need your help and whose content you have become bored of and to then give that follow or like to someone who needs it more. Do you really need to follow 10 meme pages? When will it be enough?! 

4. Engage with their Posts – This kind of falls into the above really. If anything, having good engagement is more important than the size of your following as an Independent Seller or Small Business. If a million people follow a page but only 100 of those people like the posts or engage with the content then it wont be long before that page reaches the bottom of the queue with regards to getting seen on your feed. We can appreciate that for many online your habits might be to scroll and look rather than scroll and LIKE but if you can get into a habit of liking and commenting on the posts you enjoy you will be surprised at how much you can help out by doing so.

5. Give them a Shoutout – Not every Seller or Small Business has their own online space or uses a platform like Depop as an example to sell from. In fact, the item you bought might not even be from somewhere you even recognise as a business or official storefront. You might be a part of a group on Facebook for example and bought your item from someone on there who is just trying to make a bit of extra income. If this is the case, if you sill find you have had a decent purchasing experience and that seller has other bits to get rid of then why not share your experience into the group? It will help boost engagement for that person and may encourage others to also check out what that person has on offer. 

6. Sign Up for their Newsletter – We have talked a good deal about Social Media in this article but we’re sure many Independent Sellers and Small Businesses would agree that you cannot rely too much on platforms like this alone to reach your audience. If you are a Seller or Business that has your own platform then we would recommend setting up a function to collect emails for Newsletters or to build yourself up a bit of a mailing list to let others know about what you have going on. As a consumer if you go on a site regularly and see they have this facility then why not sign up? It takes no time at all and you will rarely have to actively go looking on a site to find a place where you can fill this in if there is one so get it down!

Thanks for checking out the list and thinking a bit more about what you can do as an individual to help out further. Let us know about a business or page you would like to shoutout down in the comments below and check the link below to follow London Vintage Clothing on their IG. 

Instagram – @londonvintageclothing

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