@DREWHEIFETZ Showcases Vintage Hook-Ups T-shirt Collection (2019)

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Over the last year or so the resell market for Vintage Hook-Ups pieces has sky rocketed. Worn by the likes of Virgil Abloh and Travis Scott the Jeremy Klein founded skate brand of the 90’s has had a real resurgence in popularity with pieces now going for crazy prices online. The brand became popular for Anime style graphics which regularly featured girls wearing skimpy outfits which only heightened the brands popularity and often resulted in the brand getting banned in schools to prevent kids from wearing their explicit line of skate apparel. 

A little while back we found this great video from Vintage Seller @drewheifetz showcasing off his insane collection of Vintage Hook-Ups T-shirts. The video is a great opportunity to take a look at just how many different graphics there are out there and to learn a bit more about the brands history and the different tags you might find out there too. It’s crazy to think he was picking up pieces for around $30 to $40 dollars before the hype started building up again. His collection could sell for an eye watering amount of money in today’s climate if he did decide to sell everything.

If you have any Hook-Ups for sale feel free to shoot us a DM about it as we are always looking for Vintage Skate pieces for the store.