Collection Finds: The Thrift Lord’s Vintage T-shirt Collection Including Rap Tees, Nirvana and more

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One of our favourite things to do is to look through other people’s collections. It’s always interesting to see what grails someone might have and there is often a good story around finding them. With this in mind we have decided to start up a new feature called “Collection Finds”. Posts will include content from different sellers and collectors as they reveal their favourite pieces.

We want each post to not only highlight some of the amazing T-shirt graphics and collections out there but also to help educate others on things like tags, bootlegs and the history around certain designs. 

We recently found this great video from The Thrift Lord going through some of his favourite personal pieces which we thought was worth a share. His collection includes a number of amazing Nirvana pieces like an “In Utero” shirt and Kurt Cobain memorial tee as well as a number of Rap tee heaters included as well.

We also really enjoyed the story around finding the bootleg Fugees tee you’ll see in the video. It’s a crazy come up story detailing how he found 5 stacks of Rap tees at the back of an old salon which alone is worth watching the entire video for..

Check out the video above and let us know what your favourite pieces are down in the comments. Stay tuned for more from the “Collection Finds” series as we come up on more content. You can also shoot us a DM on IG if you have a good collection video that you would like us to share. Hit the link here to keep up with The Thrift Lord on IG. 

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