Chad Muska Discusses Shortys Departure via The Nine Club Podcast

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I watch and listen to a lot Podcasts but one of my favourites has to be The Nine Club. The Podcast is posted up on YouTube and features Special Guests from the World of Skateboarding. One of the Podcast’s episodes I have really enjoyed recently is with Skateboarding Legend Chad Muska.

You probably remember Chad Muska best from the Tony Hawks Pro Skater Games or his step into Rap Music with “Muska Beats” back in the early 2000’s. But Muska’s influence on Skateboarding and eventually Fashion was so much bigger than Playstation games. In more recent times Muska was a key player in Skateboarding Footwear with his models with Supra but he was also part responsible for one of the most iconic 90’s Skateboarding brands: Shorty’s. 

Shorty’s Skateboards were massive back then, Skateboarders wore Shorty’s like Hypebeasts wear Supreme today. The brand still holds value in modern times with pieces from the old collections going for good money, clearly still holding a place in the heart of many who grew up Skateboarding in that era.

One day Shorty’s just disappeared, I can’t remember what happened back then but I do remember things beginning to slow down and seeing less and less from the brand. Muska touches on what happened in the clip above, citing creative differences amongst fellow brand owners and a lack of cohesion in where each member saw the brand going in the future. 

It’s really interesting to hear Muska talk about this and his experiences over all from the Skateboarding World of that time. Muska also talks about being the only Pro Skater in the Club and his nights hanging with the likes of Paris Hilton and the Olsen Twins and his efforts to stop other Skaters getting into the Club to steal his thunder.

Check out the clip above and click here to see the Podcast in full. Who was your favourite Skater back then? Do you have your own favourite Nine Club guest? Let us know down in the comments below and drop us a message on Instagram as well if you are selling any of the old pieces from Shorty’s.

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