Alhan Gençay Sits Down with Poet and Vuj for the “Poet & Vuj” Podcast

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Alhan Gençay is a really interesting character. He hosts the YouTube show “Gasworks” with Poet for Boiler Room and has done videos with Vice Media. He is absolutely hilarious on Twitter and Instagram and has been making serious movements since coming onto the scene. For the latest Poet & Vuj Podcast, Alhan sits down to talk his journey so far and why he believes he got there and shares his thoughts on a wide range of topics.

I have a lot of respect for Alhan Gençay and what he has achieved already within his career at such a young age. It was really interesting to see him sit down with Poet and Vuj and talk shop about how he got where he is and to learn about the history he has with people like Poet. Alhan confesses to pestering people like Jamal Edwards and heads from the BBC to try learn more about the industry and has been relentless in his pursuit to get his foot in the door. I admire his drive and his courage to put himself out there and his hard work has obviously paid off for him. 

Check out the Podcast in full above, let us know what you think down below. Have you seen much of the Poet & Vuj Podcast so far? Another great Podcast of theirs is the episode with Rio Ferdinand which you can watch here. I think this Podcast in particular is a real example of what you can achieve when you set your mind to something and stay motivated. 

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