1980SomethingShow – Stash Raiders EP. 9: Vintage Heatwave

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A while back I posted about the 1980SomethingShow Podcast on Soundcloud with Sean Wotherspoon. As well as the Podcast 1980SomethingCo. also has a really great YouTube series entitled “Stash Raiders”. In each episode Chris of 1980SomethingCo. visits popular Vintage Seller’s to dig deep into their collections and talk shop. The series provides a glimpse into some incredible collection’s from some of the best Seller’s out there and some of the come up stories each Seller has had whilst finding their grail pieces.

In this episode Chris links up with Tyler Tagamori from Vintage Heatwave out in Maui, Hawaii. Tyler discusses his love for Vintage and how his passion evolved as he lost interest in the more hyped brands of the time. He also explains that Stussy was a big part of his childhood and a brand that he has decided to focus more on in recent times. Tyler still has a number of Vintage Rap Tee’s in his collection but it is refreshing to see him focus on selling what he is most passionate about rather than on what is most hyped. 

Check out the episode in full above. Have you had a chance to watch any episodes from the series yet? Let us know who your favourite episode has been with so far down below. Stay tuned for more episodes from the 1980SomethingShow as they land!

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