1980Something Show back with New “Rose Bowl” Edition of Stash Raiders

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1980Something Show is back with a special “Rose Bowl” episode of Stash Raiders. Host Chris mingles with a selection of sellers and looks at some of the heat they have brought along with them. Things kick off pretty early at the Rose Bowl with many of the sellers setting up whilst it is still dark out. The February Rose Bowl is meant to be especially busy with buyers coming from all over the world to pick up new pieces. 

Check out some of the heat on show above and let us know what your favourite pieces are down below. Really wish there was something like this in the UK that was more focused on UK sellers rather than your typical car boot vibe.

Click here to see the recent Vault MCR episode of Stash Raiders if you missed it. The Vault was the first seller from the UK to get their own episode and it does not disappoint. Click here to see more episodes from the series.

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